Retail Development


Today’s retailers get it. They have become more strategic in their expansion and in avoiding the operational pitfalls of entries into developing markets. They are pressure-testing demand in new markets to reduce risk … and even after they get a foot in the door in major metropolitan shopping districts, retailers are forced to strategize quickly to capture growth in tier 2 and 3 cities before the field becomes too crowded.*

Developing Success
Building retail properties requires a client-focused, hyper-communicating operation. As needs, specs and retail-specific variables are factored into planning and execution, challenges can grow exponentially. You need a balanced, prepared and experienced partner to develop competitive, feature-rich centers.

Legacy Alliance understands the challenges, time-sensitive timelines and need for communication. Our Retail Development team does a thorough assessment before dirt hits shovels, and maintains a constant flow of updates from the site to decision makers to create an situational awareness that takes advantage of potential gains on schedules to deliver results as quickly and accurately as possible.

Here are our main areas of specialization for Retail Development:

  • Major Mixed-Use Developments
  • Neighborhood Shopping Centers
  • Specialty Retail Centers
  • Build to Suit, Single-Tenant

Targeting Markets
Our Retail Team also devotes considerable time to researching growth markets and prime destinations. They can be put to work assisting clients on locating and vetting locations and opportunities. Focusing on trends beyond macroeconomics, we  assess retail-specific variables such as:

  • Visibility
  • Access
  • Population Density
  • Income levels
  • Traffic counts
  • Competition

Put Legacy Alliance to work to evaluate the viability of your brick and mortar locations to put your expansion plans on the rights side of this true risk-reward play. Contact us today.



*Source: AT Kearny: Full Steam Ahead for Global Retailers, The 2014 Global Retail Development Index™