Other Services


Recent downturns have caught some companies flat-footed while others have opened up their service offerings to deliver specific services normally performed in the scope of a larger deal. This allows lenders and funds to contract with companies a la carte, saving on retainer fees and allowing relationships to grow project by project.*

Legacy Alliance was built on a foundation of resourcefulness. Our partners and staff, while focused on our primary development mission, are available to assist companies with specific project needs on an as-needed basis.

Thoroughly knowing the components of real estate projects has made the company and its people successful in up and down markets. Delivering that expertise to clients is what makes us a versatile partner regardless of current conditions or trends.

Additional Services Provided by Legacy Alliance:

  • Project/Construction Management
  • Property Management
  • Client Representation
  • Disposition and Brokerage
  • Asset Management

If your needs vary, or you would like more information on retaining Legacy Alliance for special projects, please contact us today.



* Source: RogersSullivan Research: Real Estate Survivors Thrive During Downturns