Multi-Family Development

There will be roughly 45 million people in the country between the ages of 20 and 29 in 2015. That will create strong demand for apartments … [and] a national vacancy rate below 5 percent still offers an incredibly tight market that will give landlords leverage to push asking-rent increases … by roughly 3.7 percent this year, well in excess of inflation, which is currently tracking at around 2%.*

Legacy Alliance’s involvement in MultiFamily development spans three decades and includes projects ranging from sprawling garden apartments to high- and mid-rises to today’s urban wrap and mixed-use trends.

The Team constantly studies markets for opportunities arising from growth trend and forecasts as well as population and demographics studies. Blending social studies with hard numbers gives the company a unique perspective on where and when to develop. This also helps the development team ascertain which housing designs have higher upsides for demand today and on into the next 5-10 years.

Developers First
Research preparation is just one facet of the successful path to multifamily development. Legacy Alliance operates an extremely nimble organization, scaling up and back incrementally to meet our fee development and singular project load. Knowing time kills deals, the company maintains an experienced staff and network of contractors “ready, willing and able” to take on new and meaningful projects on short notice.

Areas of Specialization in Multi-Family Developments:

  • Urban Mixed-Use
  • High Rise
  • Mid Rise
  • Wrap
  • Garden Townhome
  • Condominium Communities

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*Source: Ryan Severino, 2015 Multifamily Outlook, New Construction: Friend or Foe in 2015?