Creating Pockets of Activity

Legacy Alliance’s research and scout teams are constantly evaluating properties, growing urban and suburban market parcels and opportunities based upon population or commerce shifts.

This type of diligence enables Legacy Alliance to steer clear of “me too” patterns as a developer and fee development partner. Thus we can often create value that sets higher standards for ROI and long-term leverage in market niches others hadn’t bothered to explore.

When we evaluate opportunities we have our “quick list,” which includes the following criteria:

  • Visibility
  • Access
  • Population Density
  • Income levels
  • Traffic counts
  • Competition

These criteria are relatively standard in the industry, especially in the über-competitive retail sector. Where we notch it up another level (to be on the right side of risk/reward) is in our proprietary mix of soft factors and hard numbers that have to meld well to push a deal higher in the selection process.

Looking beyond the current hot spots gives us room to truly explore the dynamics, and thus far has also enabled us to steer clear of overpaying for locations in hopes we can make the numbers work out. Numbers, like problems do not work themselves out, so we address all the factors up front and decide whether or not we want to add a parcel to our own develop roster, recommend it to a fee development client or hold it for later disposition.

Faster + Smarter = Patience
Surprisingly, because we are able to move more quickly in our discovery and analysis, we also are able to employ a patient approach to deals. When the timing is right, we can move quickly with the perspective that the elements we anticipated are in alignment with our plan and expectations. This makes for stronger deals, better outcomes and leverage to garner high performance in my types of properties and locations.

If you would like to know more about partnering with Legacy Alliance, please contact us today. We welcome your interest.