Never Too Much Communication in Construction

When we’re in the heat of the day, fighting through the very complex task of building a property, communication is one of the most essential tools we employ. Interestingly enough, our industry is littered with the bones of companies who ignored this basic tenet.

Because so much has to happen in  a sequence (and often times simultaneously) if one part of the crew doesn’t know what another’s doing it can mean wasted materials, missed opportunities or lost days reworking a botched  process. “Construction delays” isn’t just a term, it is a fact of life, but it is largely avoidable.

Communication is the key. For Legacy Alliance it starts with the critical path work we do on the early end of the process. Our checks and balances system is put into place so that every member of the office team knows what to expect and when. Then Tom Ekenberg takes all the project expectations and translates them into schedules, meetings, and regular communiques to each part of the construction, finance and developer teams.

And part and parcel of this on-site loop is the equally adept line of communications we establish with our fee development partners, lending institutions and investors. Regular reports and spot updates are the norm, not the exception.

It’s a detailed matrix of information, but using our team’s smarts in conjunction with today’s always-on communication tools and mobile officing, we make decisions, evaluations and adjustments in real time. The technology enhances a culture steeped in a “not here” attitude. We pride ourselves on getting the word out, and getting it right in the process.


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