Setting Your Sites

Finding the right slice is something we do very well.

Finding the right slice is something we do very well.

Somewhere between “Timing is Everything,” and “Location, Location, Location” lies the answer to where your next property should put down roots.

The problem is that, increasingly, choice parcels are becoming more expensive as speculation once again ramps up in recovering and now-robust markets. And while being “risk-aversive” is the new mantra, many are equating that with building only in “safe” zones, close to established bases, hence the prices for seemingly hot parcels.

But if you pay too much to play, one of three outcomes is likely:

  • You’ll have to settle for much lower margins
  • You’ll have to significantly lengthen the payoff
  • Something’s going to have to be cut (or cut back) to make the project viable

None of which are attractive options. At Legacy Alliance, we dig deeper and leverage our expertise and network to find property with substantial upside that won’t break the bank. We also research raw land and locations using a multiple-point system that helps us evaluate current status in relation to trending and projected growth. The combination means making better choices, and ultimately, better deals without the sacrifices.

Contact us today to learn more about our research and development systems. See how Legacy Alliance can become your go-to partner in commercial real estate.

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