| About Us

Legacy Alliance is much more than a commercial real estate company. Specializing in the development of multifamily residential and retail properties, Legacy Alliance works with institutions and development partners to bring high-quality properties to carefully chosen market niches and locations.

The company is staffed from top to bottom with action-oriented professionals … people who understand this industry, its history and its potential. The amassed experience provides a perspective the team utilizes to analyze markets and pockets of activity that represent strong returns for its partners and clients.

And while Legacy Alliance’s executive team has amassed experience in nearly every facet of commercial development, the company chooses to focus in areas where the collective expertise brings stronger, market-leading performance. First and foremost, the company is a developer, with strengths primarily in multi-family and retail properties.

Legacy Alliance’s strengths in research, systems, planning and communication are quickly making the company the southwest’s premier fee-development partner. It takes a specific talent and operational mix to excel in fee agreements, and the company’s reporting, process tracking and grasp of logistics, supply and work loads moves projects forward with a consistency rarely seen in commercial development.

Please tour our site, find areas of interest and contact us with your questions, comments and inquiries for future projects. Our response will be timely and forthright. 

It’s what you should expect from a development partner, and
what you’ll always receive from Legacy Alliance.